Creative visionary with roots in software quality assurance and a specialty in building teams from scratch. Systemic thinker, with a Master’s degree in Systems and Information Engineering, in relentless pursuit of efficiency and effective accuracy.  Eight years in quality assurance and engineering, five years at a business operations level with the goals of driving informed decision making and sixteen total years of people management.  Six Sigma Black Belt and expert in working with cross-functional teams to create and implement corporate level processes including creating a customized and logical stage/gate product development and project prioritization process.  Demonstrated and trained on a specialty of risk/benefit assessment and management to aid in a balance of qualitative and quantitative decision making. Implemented full customer feedback loop directly resulting in product improvements.  Obtained a security clearance while working with government contracts and recognized for excellence in team leadership, team management skills and successfully meeting tight deadlines by boards of directors and executive management teams.



SQL   SVN/Git    Minitab     Tableau     Google Analytics/Big Data     Amazon Redshift   Control Charts     Probabilities     

ANOVA   JIRA     SharePoint    Solver   Oracle Crystal Ball    Rapid Miner/Opera/ProM6      NetSuite      Zendesk     Salesforce

Jira/Confluence     Arena Stochastic Simulation Software     R/RStudio     Redshift     AWS    Monte Carlo Simulations



Sparefoot, Austin, TX     June 2015 - Current

Private Company; 51-200 employees; Internet Industry

Business Intelligence Manager (Apr 2016-Present)

Managed a Business Intelligence and data research team.  Designed and validated data marts with the Data Engineering Team which enabled Business Analysts to function as a self-serving entity with business KPIs.  Worked with executive management to properly calibrate analytical priorities with company priorities.  Trained company on definitions and proper use of high-level metrics.  Worked with cross-functional stakeholders and outside contractor to define a path to the collection and creation of web analytics.


  • Was a driving leadership force for a data mart redesign and front-end data migration to better serve internal business partners.  This provided more consistent and reliable data as well as improved the self-serving capabilities and efficiency of the general employee base.

  • Completed in-depth analyses on move-in rate, call ratio and reservation window that led to changes in product and operational practices across the company as well as a greater companywide understanding of the levers that contribute to these metrics.

  • Spearheaded and maintained the current Data Governance improvement processes and initiatives as well as the current cross-functional analytics prioritization and future roadmap.  This resulted in cross-functional alignment of priorities as well as clear communication of future goals for all of analytics.

  • Collaborated with Data Engineering to identify gaps and future needs related to providing reliable, scalable and accurate data to all levels of analysts.  This led to forward looking platform decisions specifically in relation to data visualization tools and sandbox and staging environments.

  • Designed, matured and implemented a tool for recording annotations of historical business events that have effected data.  This led to more efficient recording and identification of historical drivers to change.  Business Analytics began using annotations in key metric reviews in Q4 of 2017.

  • Co-founded the Women of SpareFoot, a grassroots effort designed to provide opportunities for growth for all employees who identify as women.  This led to a company-wide cultural shift and a greater awareness of women’s issues in the workplace.

  • Co-led SpareFoot’s Diversity and Inclusion Task Force.  This resulted in a greater awareness and newly documented policies regarding return-to-work from maternity leave and a drive for a fully inclusive company culture.


Sr. Business Intelligence Analyst (June 2015-Apr 2016)

Led continuous improvement initiatives for the Client Services organization.  Mentored and trained other Business Analysts in best practices.  Designed the current structure of our data visualization environment.  Owned business intelligence and reporting for the Client Services and Sales teams.  Designed, created and distributed high-level business performance reporting.  Coalesced data from a variety of sources (e.g. Salesforce, Zendesk, NetSuite and custom sources) into actionable analyses and reporting dashboards.  Drove trend analyses and forecasting of key client metrics. Understood and provided input into Analytics team direction, reporting solution, canonical data model, and data architecture.


  • Completed a thorough study on the effects of marketplace liquidity on core business metrics and future trends.  This study resulted in several strategy and product changes that ultimately brought about higher conversion rates and an increase in booking dollars. 

  • Developed a new metric for reservation frequency of a storage unit group (bHertz) currently used as a KPI for network-wide liquidity.

  • Developed a problem-solving playbook that includes trends of key metrics over time and a clear decision tree model used to identify failure points and potential levers for improvement efforts.


Bazaarvoice, Austin, TX     April 2013 - June 2015

Public Company; 501 to 1000 employees; Internet Industry

Sr. Manager, Client Services BPI and Quality Managment (Sept 2014-June 2015)

Leadership and oversight of business process improvement and quality management in Client Services. Program/Project management of changes to internal processes (i.e. tools, people and technology). Change management of internal processes within Client Services. Participated as a senior direct contributor in business process management investigation and solutions building. Built process maps, value stream maps and simulation models to determine optimal future state. Quality advocate for cross-departmental initiatives. Primary advisor to Client Services senior leadership on the quality of services delivered in relation to client expectations. This included championing, supporting and leading improvement initiatives.


  • Developed and maintained a configuration management process for changes to enterprise tools such as Salesforce, NetSuite and Clarizen.

  • Performed a risk assessment analysis on drivers of client churn that informed a strategy to improve client retention.

  • Managed a team of operational business analysts that created reports for stakeholder reporting, business level reporting and informed operational growth and change metrics.


Quality Assurance Manager (Apr 2013-Sept 2014)

Hands-on highly technical management role, responsible for the leadership of a matrixed global and remote software quality assurance team.  Developed quality standards for company products.  Oversaw the development and execution of software test plans and the analysis of test results involving multiple QA teams in an Agile development environment.  Technical consultant on automation issues, frameworks, tools and processes.  Identified and reported on metrics that conveyed the state of product quality.  Selected, developed and evaluated personnel to ensure the efficient operation of the QA teams.  Developed leaders and acted as a thought leader in the area of product quality assurance.  Developed budgets and managed activities of the department, work group and project.  Full HR responsibility for direct reports.


  • Implemented smoke testing plans for client production environment.

  • Developed an integration testing team and created an end-to-end integration test plan for full product testing.

  • Managed a global team of Software Quality Engineers for both a legacy product platform and an up-and-coming product platform through feature parity.

  • Developed and maintained a virtual mobile testing environment including platform agnostic tests while managing an updated inventory of mobile testing devices.


Zebra Imaging, Inc., Austin, TX     January 2010 - April 2013
Privately Held; 40 to 50 employees; High Technology

Manager of Corporate Quality (Dec 2010-Apr 2013)

Created a Quality Management System that met the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001:2008.  Implemented a customized integrated product development process including the necessary infrastructure to maintain and improve the process.   Improved web order fulfillment of printed holograms using a risk assessment approach.  Implemented a quantitative, objective based system quality inspection process for determining quality tolerances of a printed hologram.


  • Implemented and facilitated a project priorities scorecard completed by the Executive Management Team on a monthly basis.

  • Developed and implemented a formal Engineering Change Control Process for a company in transition from an R&D environment to a production environment.

  • Implemented a company intranet to improve collaboration and communication among project teams and functional departments.

  • Managed a team of Quality professionals to include Software Testers, an Image Quality Inspector and Mechanical and Electrical Quality Engineers.

Software Quality Assurance Lead and Configuration Manager (Jan 2010-Dec 2010)

Using customized processes, managed the software builds, source code repositories, installers and hardware configurations for release management.  Regularly communicated with both commercial and government contract personnel regarding feature requests and requirements.  Initiated a customized development and release process to include a combination of the CMMI model and Agile methodologies.


  • Formed assessment teams to complete internal and external assessments of software development processes to ensure compliance to customer required standards and guidelines.

  • Wrote and integrated test plans and scripts for system wide testing software, firmware and hardware, including electrical and optical hardware.   Resulted in a diverse simulation environment that included automated stress and regression testing.

  • Implemented an agile project management tool for regular reporting of project metrics to management.  Project management processes included a structured change control mechanism.


Notion Music, Inc., Greensboro, NC     May 2007-March 2009
Privately Held; 40 to 50 employees; Computer Software industry

Director of Software Quality Assurance

Provided substantial functional knowledge to build a team of analysts.  Using Agile Scrum methodologies, responsible for testing products from software development, sound editing, web development and graphic design for a cutting-edge music software company.  Trained analysts, testers and project management personnel while gathering test and management metrics, which were reported to the executive committee, CEO and the board of directors.

  • Implemented and maintained a structured specification and testing lifecycle process using Agile Scrum methodologies.   Resulted in numerical representations of quality for the products and helped determine goals for future releases.

  • Created a highly effective system of accountability for all project personnel that improved the measurable level of quality by over 30% from baseline.

  • Designed and implemented custom automated testing procedures for use in sound editing testing, software regression testing and stress tests.  The result was a 68% increase in the number of regressions found prior to customer Beta testing.

Science Applications International Corp., Charlottesville, VA     March 2006-May 2007
Public Company; SAI; Over 42,000 employees; Information Technology and Services industry

Quality Assurance Manager and Configuration Manager

Using CMMI while mapping to ISO, managed and monitored change control, nurtured positive relationships with customers to gather functional and operational requirements for use in creating quality assurance test plans.  Performed software testing and internal compliance audits and reported results using industry standards and customer-approved metrics, including defect trends and risk management analysis.  Executed the build process and organized and maintained configuration management. 


  • Oversaw formal and informal code reviews and made recommendations with regards to management of software baselines, change control, baseline audits and testing.  Resulting suggestions improved the systems used in code development, which led to a cleaner change control system.

  • Executed risk modeling and assessment, successfully developed a system that identified and mediated risks before they effected the project.  Through this, accurate forecasts were outlined and deadlines were met with 90% accuracy.


Master of Science, Systems and Information Engineering
University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA

Bachelor of Arts, Music Therapy, MT-BC
Conservatory at Shenandoah University, Winchester, VA
Bachelor of Arts, Music Composition
Conservatory at Shenandoah University, Winchester, VA
Bachelor of Arts, Music Performance
Conservatory at Shenandoah University, Winchester, VA


Co-Founder, Austin Diversity & Inclusion Project, February 2017

Tableau Desktop Qualified Associate, October 22nd, 2015

Certified Manager of Quality / Organizational Excellence, ASQ, October 5th, 2013

ASQ Austin Section Executive Committee, Placement Chair, Septemer 2013 - Current

Certified Six Sigma Black Belt Certification, ASQ, October 6th, 2012
Certified Software Quality Engineer, ASQ, June 5th, 2010

Six Sigma: Total Quality Applications, University of Texas, Austin, TX

Helping Individuals Lead Successfully, Staub Leadership Solutions, Greensboro, NC

CMMI Process Improvement, Carnegie Mellon, Tysons Corner, VA


Predictive Statistical Modeling     Continuous Process Improvement     CMMI/ISO Audits    Lean Six Sigma     IEEE     

Risk Modeling and Management     Client Support Metrics     Validation Design     Quality Ambassador    

Executive Presentations     Quantitative Analysis     Systems Engineering     Personnel Management     Test Plan Production

Requirements Management     Team Leadership     Code Reviews     Automated Test Systems     Software Engineering     Auditing

Software Testing    Asset Tracking     Strategic Problem Solving     Customer Relations     Change Control     Readiness Reviews

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